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Description (from mfophotos

The Duex is one of the few Kodak cameras that shoots 16 images on 620.  The camera is unusual and readily identified by the large Bakelite helical that extends from the body to the proper length for taking photos.  The lens has an aperture of f/11, and the shutter speeds are Instant ( ca. 1/30 sec) and Bulb.  The base of the camera has a tripod socket.  The direct vision viewfinder is centered on the top deck of the camera.  The camera has a surprisingly comfortable feel in the hands, with its rounded, thin body.  

Condition : It is in working order, and in good conditiob.The Instant speed can be a bit sluggish sometimes.

Condition as pictured.


Kodak DUEX. Medium format 620 4.5x6cm image size

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