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A fully serviced and film tested Olympus OM-1n MD, black version.

"MD" stands for Motor-Drive.

The camera is fitted with an Olympus original  Motor-Drive Winder-2, in perfect working order.

Included too is an original ever-ready case. (Please note: the case will only fit the camera's body and 50mm lens without the winder.)


The body is in excellent cosmetic condition with very minor signs of careful use.

The viewfinder is bright and crisp.
The lens is in excellent condition with no apparent flaws:

  • no haze.
  • no fungi.
  • no oily blades.
  • minimum internal specs/dust that will not affect the quality of the pictures.


What has been done:

  • camera conpletely dismantled.
  • fit battery modification to use 1.5V battery.
  • replace light trapping.
  • clean all parts.
  • reset sutter tension and base speed.
  • check and clean mirror mechanism.
  • clean, check,adjust and relubricate transport system.
  • clean and check meter calibration.
  • reassemble and test to near as possible to original specification.


Self timer works.
Bulb setting works.
Flash functions working.
Film loaded into camera, take up spool and advancement working correctly.
Film release and rewind working correctly.
Frame counter advances at it should.


We have fully tested the camera with a Kodak Colour-PLUS 200. Click here to see the results.

Batteries: 1X Type SR44 1.5V.

This camera is covered by our 90 days full guarantee, please read.

Olympus OM-1n MD Black with 50mm 1.8, and Motor Drive Winder-2.

SKU: SN1859741
  • Camera name Olympus OM-1n
    Camera type Interchangeable lens SLR
    Format 35mm film
    Manufacturer Olympus Optical Co. Ltd (Japan)
    Production 1973-1982
    Lens mount OM
    46mm flange distance
    Viewfinder Pentaprism (fixed)
    x0.92 magnification / 97% coverage
    14 interchangeable focus screens
    Shutter Mechanical horizontal focal plane
    Rubberized cloth
    1 sec - 1/1000th sec
    B mode
    X-Sync port
    Mirror lock-up
    Shutter release includes cable release thread
    Metering TTL (CdS cell)
    ASA 25 to 1600
    Match needle in viewfinder
    Meter shows +/-3 stops of exposure
    On/off switch
    ISO / ASA Manually set
    ASA 25 - 1600
    Flash X and FP-sync
    Wind / Rewind Single stroke - 150 degrees
    Dual lock film back
    Counter resets after black is closed
    Power Modified to accept 1.5v SR44
    Finish Silver with black leatherette
    Weight 430g excluding lens
    136 x 83 x 50
  • The Olympus OM Power Winder 2 is designed to enhance the functionality of the OM System 35mm SLR camera by providing it with automatic film winding for:

    • single-frame (wind-on time - approx. 0.3 sec.)
    • as well as sequential shooting (filming rate - 2.5 frames per sec.).

    The Device not only frees the photographer from distracting manual film winding, but also enables to follow fast-moving subjects without removing his eye from the viewfinder

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