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Welcome to  our new website. We sell serviced, working second-hand vintage and antique photographic film cameras, as well as a selected range of film and accessories. Every single one of our vintage cameras is serviced professionally in our workshop, before being offered up for sale with a guarantee of up to 6 months. We  started, like many labours of love, from a lifelong passion for photography and cameras. Claude, a keen photographer with a quick witted eye, so says I, was always a curious and resourceful camera nerd and collector, with an interest in antique clock movements. Almost everything was dismantled to be rebuilt with great care. Once upon a time in the fairly recent past, some four years ago, to be vaguely precise, he finally turned that consuming passion into a business. 
Beginner, ardent film fan, student, seasoned photographer, collector, nostalgic or merely curious? Come to us for trustworthy bargains, gorgeous classics, noble antiques. Be sure to check our website regularly as our stock is constantly being updated. Please note that we do not sell digital cameras. All our cameras use photographic film or plates which require chemical processing before you can see your photos either in print or scanned digitally. Please note that some cameras come and go very rapidly. Don't be annoyed if we continue to display cameras that have been sold. We leave them up for a while, after they sell,  to inform prospective buyers that they are no longer available, rather than removing them immediately, which might leave people perplexed if the camera they are looking at suddenly vanishes. 

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