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  • BCG P-400 Black & White ISO 400/27° Panchromatic Film
  • 35mm – 36 Exposures
  • Professional grade film from motion picture stock
  • Extraordinary Exposure Latitude
  • Exceptional Tonal Range
  • 2 x Emulsion Layers
  • Anti-Halation Undercoat Layer
  • Antistatic Layer
  • Datasheet

New film! We are delighted to introduce to you this film from the legendary Brownie Camera Guy. P-400 is the first film offered by BCG. It is manufactured in Germany for the motion picture industry. This is a unique film, licenced exclusively to BCG, and available for the first time to the public as a still photography film. 

P-400 is an ISO 400/27° black & white panchromatic film. This is a 35mm / 36 exposure roll.

The dual layer emulsion produces an extraordinary tonal range. It delivers a wide exposure latitude making it especially suitable for use with difficult light conditions. P-400 has an anti-halation undercoat layer as well as an antistatic back layer. This film processes flat, no curl, thanks to the triacetate base. 


 BCG P-400 135-36 film is hand spooled into recycled cartridges and comes in a plastic canister. BCG film does not come in additional cardboard packaging helping to lower the final cost while being a bit more eco-friendly. It is not DX coded.

Suggested Developers
*A 3 minute presoak is recommended.
Bellini Foto Hydrofen 1:39 @ 20°C for 6 minutes.
D-76: stock @ 20°C for 9 1/2 minutes.
D-76: 1:1 @ 20°C for 17 minutes.
ID-11: stock @ 20°C for 9 1/2 minutes.
Rodinal/Adonal: 1:50 dilution @ 20°C for 13 minutes.
Rollei Supergrain: 1:9 @ 20°C for 9 1/2 minutes.

Ilford ID11:  We had gorgeous results with ID11 diluted 1:1 @20°C for 10 minutes (see our test images). 

So who is the Brownie Camera Guy? His name is Chuck Baker and he loves photography. He is a wonderful guy, a professional photographer who will surprise you with the wit and poetry of his work, he is an artist, founder/owner of BCG Film & Photography and The Brownie Camera Page.

"The BCG Film Company has been a dream of mine for many years and I’m very excited about making these films available to the analogue photography world." Chuck Baker, aka The Brownie Camera Guy

All photographs copyright Greenwich Cameras, except the last one by Chuck Baker, of his shop in the Netherlands. 

BCG P-400 Black & White film cinema stock 35mm, 36 exposures


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