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Condition: Serviced camera in near mint condition with very few signs of previous use. The lens is in excellent condition, almost mint.

What we've done:


The camera's body is in pristine condition:

  • almost no scratches or paint loss.
  • bright and clean focusing screen.
  • bellows are good without light leaks. 
  • New light seal fitted.
  • Film advance and exposure counter are accurate.
  • The focusing movement is very smooth.

Lens and shutter assembly: 

  • Lens assembly stripped, cleaned, re-lubricated .
  • Overall condition of both viewing and taking lenses is  Excellent (some very light cleaning mark on the front without affecting the quality of the pictures).
  • The Sekor shutter is too in near mint condition, very snappy and responding with great accuracy. Please check the attached last three pictures on the actual lens during our servicing process.

Functions: All tested with Fomapan 200 fully processed. Please see attched pictures.

Mamiya C220 with 105mm f:3.5 SEIKOR SEIKOSHA-S

SKU: SNB23955
  • Should your camera fail within the guarantee period, we promise to fix it, replace it with an identical or similar camera or to offer you a refund. This is subject to Terms and Conditions, as set out below.

    More importantly, our guarantee is a guarantee of quality:

    • Your camera has been serviced, as described to you upon purchase. We promise that the work described has indeed been done, and that your camera will function as it should (taking into account any flaw as described below)

    • We promise to describe any known flaw or fault.


    What our guarantee covers:

    -Any fault or breakdown of the camera arising after purchase, that was not previously described at the time of sale, subject to the exclusions set out below.


    What our guarantee does not cover:


    - Any fault or flaw that was described at the time of purchase.

    - Accidental damage, wear and tear, You are advised to keep your camera protected when not in use, to avoid damage from sand, dust, loose items in a bag. Remember your film camera is not at all as impervious to dust and water as your digital equipment.

    - Damage due to poor handling of the camera. We strongly advise you to become familiar with the instruction manual.

    - Cosmetic damage

    - Any attempt to repair the camera by anyone other than us (be that the owner or any third party, including professional camera repair services not associated with us) will void the guarantee. We will not be liable for the cost of any repair carried out by any unauthorised person.

    Terms and Conditions relating to our guarantee: For our Full Terms and Conditions, please click here.

    If your camera develops a fault within the guarantee period, do not post the camera back to us before first getting in touch and giving us a description of the fault. Some issues may be diagnosed and fixed without the need to return the camera. We must authorise any return.

    Any postal return must be packaged correctly. We advise you to keep the original packaging at least for the guarantee period, or to note how we package our cameras for delivery.

    We abide by the legislation covering retail and distance selling.

    Upon purchase, you receive an email receipt. If you are purchasing the item in person at the market, you can request a handwritten receipt instead of an email receipt. The receipt will have to be produced with the camera at the time of any guarantee claim.

    For cameras purchased in person from our market shop, the camera will need to be returned to us in person.

    -Check here for information on our workshop and what exactly we mean by "serviced camera".

    We will always try to find a solution for you, but please note the following:

    It is your responsibility to maintain your camera. If you return a camera to us under guarantee, we expect the camera to be in the same condition as it was upon purchase (excluding the fault for which it is being returned, if this is covered by our guarantee). If it is not in the same condition, allowing for reasonable wear commensurate with careful use, we reserve the right to apply a reduction in the refund value, up to the total value of the item.

    If an item is returned to us as faulty, under guarantee, and is found not to be faulty, the cost of the shipping will be the responsibility of the owner.

    What our guarantee means:

    We do not just test our cameras and sell them as "near mint". A vintage camera, "fully tested" and sold as near mint, but that has not been serviced in 40 years, is unlikely to perform at its best for any length of time and may break down or require a service soon after purchase. This means that a recently serviced camera that looks used is a safer bet, likely to give you a better experience and to cost less in the long run.

    We service all our cameras, whether they look like they need it or not, then test them. There are many sources that describe a camera as serviced when all that has been done is a clean and possibly new light seals fitted. See here for a description of the work we perform on each type of camera.

    Every single one of our vintage cameras is serviced professionally, before being offered up for sale, and comes with a guarantee of quality, and a guarantee period of up to 90 days, depending on the item (please to each item's description).

    When you buy a camera from us, such as an SLR, a TLR or a large format camera, you are buying a camera that has received a full professional service. A well maintained camera should give you years of good service, as long as you keep it well maintained .

    Some cameras, such as certain automatic plastic point and shoots will receive a light service only, prior to a full function test, as it may not be possible or cost effective to perform a full service.

    Check here for a description of the work we perform when we service a camera.

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