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Condition: This serviced camera in our own workshop  is in very good general cosmetic condition with minor signs of careful use.

Both lenses are  in good condition, without any scratches, fungi or haze.

What we've done:


  • Body deep cleaned.
  • Cranking system stripped down, cleaned and lubricated.
  • Focusing screen in good condition, showing minor signs of use.
  • Mirror cleaned and in great condition.
  • New light seal fitted.
  • Film advance and exposure counter are accurate.
  • The bellows is in great condition.
  • The focusing movement is very smooth.

Lens and shutter assembly:

  • Lens assembly stripped, cleaned, re-lubricated and adjusted.
  • Overall condition: very good.
  • Viewing lens: very good.
  • Taking lens: very good, producing crisp sharp pictures (see attached photo of our own test).

Copal Shutter: Shutter serviced, cleaned and lubricated.

Functions: All tested using a real film fully processed (see attached photo and more here )


Mamiya C330 Professional 80mm Sekor Blue dot. Fully serviced and film tested

SKU: SND60345

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