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A nice and very useful adapter, fully tested by ourselves with a Olympus OM1n MD (not included).

Works great.

Serial number: 427780

Uses 4x AA batteries.

Please note: camera and batteries not included.

Olympus OM-System Winder 2 for OM-1 OM-2 N OM-10 OM-20

SKU: OLYMD1-427780
  • The Olympus OM Power Winder 2 is designed to enhance the functionality of the OM System 35mm SLR camera by providing it with automatic film winding for:

    • single-frame (wind-on time - approx. 0.3 sec.)
    • as well as sequential shooting (filming rate - 2.5 frames per sec.).

    The Device not only frees the photographer from distracting manual film winding, but also enables to follow fast-moving subjects without removing his eye from the viewfinder

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