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An early model with SILVER button, Serial Number: 2816218

This Trip 35 belongs to the first generation produced, between 1968 to 1978. While the next generation ("black button") were manufactured until 1984.  

By removing the pressure plate on the back of the door, one can read N 2 8

which translates :

  • N=first letter of the town where this model was built.
  • 2:=last digit of the year 1972
  • 8= month of the year = August

The silver button was made of metal, while the black buttons were made of plastic. This is the only visible distinction between both models. But there are few more inside the camera, like the  use of nickel screws instead of brass, differences in the shutters and in the galvanometer assembly. These early models were less produced than their black button counterpart and therefore are getting rarer as they attract collectors.

Beautifully presented with a quality hand cut real leather TAN lizard emboss effect and a stylish wrist hand strap made of premium strong cotton., this classic little camera is ready to give much joy to a new owner. A top Tessar style lens gives quality, sharp images. A simple to use automatic point and shoot, with manual loading and winding. Focusing is done by selecting one of 4 symbols for close up, group shots, street photography or landscapes. This camera has received a full professional service. This means it has had all old internal foam removed, cables and connections checked, new light seals fitted correctly, shutter dismantled and serviced, red flag mechanism serviced, flash connectors checked. Full clean, all functions tested.

Please check the pictures carefully for cosmetic condition.

Please follow this link to see the servicing process of our Trip 35.

Very stylish handcrafted customisation in our own workshop, using the best quality covering from Japan.

Olympus Trip 35 Silver Button Camera Fully serviced New leatherette in Tan

SKU: sn2816218
  • Film size: 24 x 36

    Lens: D Zuiko F2.8, 40mm (4 elements in 3 groups)

    Shutter: Programmed system.

    • Automatic: 1/40 sec. or 1/200 sec.
    • Manual: 1/40 sec. X synchro. contact.
    • Self shutter - release- button locking system for under-exposure (called Red Flag).

    Lens opening:

    • Automatic: diaphragm automatically moves from F2.8 to F22.
    • Manual: For flash photography from  F2.8 to F22.

    Viewfinder: Luminous bright fram finder (Magnification 0.55) with parallax correction mark and zone indicators.

    Film loading: EL (Easy Loading) system.

    Film winding: Rear wind-on wheel. Self-cocking to prevent double exposures.

    Film counter: Progressive, self-resetting type.

    Film rewinding: Crank type with rewinding button setting system.

    Focusing: Zone focusing system (4 zone indicators) with distance scale (in meters and feet).

    Exposure meter:

    • Automatic exposure adjustement by built-in electric eye meter.
    • Light measuring range EV 8 ~ EV 17 (ASA=ISO 100).

    Film speed setting: ASA=ISO 25-400

    Filter size: 43.5mm (screw-in).

    Rear cover operation: Hinge type.

    Accessory shoe: Cordless flash contact.

    Size and weight: W116 x H70 x D57 mm, 410 gm.


  •  3 months guarantee included. Please read carefully our T&Cs